How many days until eid al adha 2023

Friends today we will talk about Eid ul Adha How many days until eid al adha 2023 This is the second biggest festival of Muslims. Eid ul Adha comes after Eid ul Fitr

Today we will discuss the complete story of Eid ul Adha why celebrate eid ul adha when is eid ul adha You can see below the live countdown is going on how many days are left for Eid ul Aadha

why is eid ul adha celebrated

One day Ibrahim Alaihissalam sees a dream, a voice comes in the dream from Allah.Ibrahim Sacrifice your dearest thing in the way of Allah

The dearest thing to Ibrahim Alaihissalam was his son, he took that son and went out to sacrifice it in the way of Allah. When Ibrahim Alaihissalam was going to sacrifice his son, an animal was placed in place of Ismail by Allah and Ibrahim Alaihissalam passed the test.

Since then till now the animal is sacrificed on the day of Eid ul Adha.

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