how many days until christmas day 2023

christmas festival About

The festival of Christmas is celebrated on the occasion of the birthday of Isha Christ. This is the only festival on which there is a holiday in almost the whole world. Christmastide is celebrated from a day or two before Christmas to the next 12 days. Whatever preparations are made during this, they are taken off on the evening of 5 January. Christmas cannot be imagined without Santa Claus. Santa Claus distributes gifts to children on Christmas Day. There is so much craze of Santa Claus that many people wear their costumes and give gifts to children even today. And the whole atmosphere is worth watching, a lot of fun. Saint Nicholas used to give gifts to poor and destitute children, they had nothing to do with Christmas, which was later adopted at Christmas. On this festival, the Christmas tree is decorated very well with colorful RGB lights. The ‘Jingle Bells’ sung at Christmas were actually made for ‘Thanksgiving Day’. Whatever be the case, the festival of Christmas is celebrated with full gusto. More information

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